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My wife and I have traveled the Gulf of Mexico for many years looking for unique things and different places to excite us both and to talk about in the different articles that we write and hope you enjoy. We were on a trip from New Orleans which is our home down to the keys and also to check out anything interesting along the way. Our trip started on the 1-10 and as we passed Mobile we decided to turn on Hwy 59 which goes south all the way to Gulf Shores in lower Alabama, it was a great day not a cloud in the sky and the temperature in the mid-70s, perfect driving weather since we brought the convertible and wanted to work on out tans before we arrived in the Keys, the only problem in the convertible with the top down was my hair, whipping around my face was very distracting and annoying, my husband told me to put it up so I did but all the loose ends were also creating a problem, oh well you cannot have everything.

We arrived in Gulf Shores about lunch time we had heard about a restaurant called Ships Harbor Grill so we decided to make that our lunch stop, great little eatery right on the water in Orange Beach which is the town next to Gulf Shores had a great lunch sat outside and watched the boats go by but still having trouble with my hair in my eyes. Our waitress noticed my dilemma and asks me if I had herd of Anthony Jones I answered no, who is he? She went on to tell me that Anthony is a hairstylist that has a salon in the area, He is the best in designing hair for the windy Gulf weather, originally from England he and his daughter have a salon overlooking the Gulf and if I want the best haircut of my life I should give him a call, wow her hair looked great so maybe. Orange Beach and Gulf Shores are really cool little towns, beautiful beaches and lots to do so we decided to stay the night and maybe get my hair done.

We were a little out of season so there were rentals available, we found a great condo in Orange Beach on the beach road with a dynamite view of the Gulf called Phoenix 4, and guess what Anthony Jones salon was just down the road from us so I decided to give him a call. As luck was with me he had a cancelation at 3.30 so I took it, and a am glad I did.

Anthonys salon is in a wonderful beach house with a great view of the beach lots of natural light and very comfortable, my husband decided to come along to keep me company he also was thinking about getting his hair cut, what we were told was that he gives you a complete consultation on your hair type and your bone structure, he custom designs your hair for you. And they were right Anthony is far the best hairstylist I have ever been to he spent about 15 minutes talking to me and giving me suggestions about my hair. While we were talking Anthonys daughter was chatting to Brian (my husband) about the area and neat places to see. Once we both agreed on what was best for my hair Anthony started transforming my messy hair into a up to date work of art that still had some length but could go out in the wind and need little attention, at this point Brian decided to let Emma shape his hair up to, after about one hour we both looked stunningly hot! I loved my hair and I loved Brians to we had to come all the way from New Orleans to find the best hairstylist we have ever been to, thank you to the lady at Ships Harbor Grill Restaurant. Anthony and Emma are some of the nicest people we have ever met there Moto is that they treat everybody the way that they like to be treated, he funny enough moved 25 years ago from New Orleans where he had four salons to bring up his daughter on the beach, great idea and I would gladly give you there phone number, you will not regret the visit. 251 978-1514 anthonyjonesinc.net