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It was a beautiful summer morning when we left Fairhope, low humidity and not a cloud in the sky. We were on our way down to Orange Beach to check out a business that many of our friends have told us about, this Englishman who had opened a Hair Salon on the beach. My hair is very important to me and getting a good haircut is a must, and that is what Anthony Jones is known for and excellent hair color to boot. We have both been very dissatisfied with the last few attempts on designing our hair to suit our lifestyles; most of the so called stylists did not take into consideration our age or understand that we both want to look great without a lot of fuss and bother.


The traffic was a bit heavy due to the summer visitors, but we arrived on time to this charming yellow and white beach house on the beach road with a fabulous view of the Gulf of Mexico. We were greeted warmly by Anthony and ask us if we would like a cold drink or a glass of wine before he started making us beautiful, Pam my friend went first since I was a little chicken after the last experience, he directed her to a styling chair and went on to explain the ten most important rules in designing a custom hairstyle to suit her.

First he first looked at her face shape, he explained that there are five face shapes out there, Anthony explained that her face shape was oval, the next was bone structure and head shape, after that was the type of her hair, the texture of her hair, then what sort of condition her hair was in, followed by the way the hair grows out of the head, plus cow licks, then her likes and dislikes and fashion. Wow! What a lot of things to get right.

So then they started with a relaxing shampoo and deep conditioning, then for the next 30 minutes Anthony's hands were a sea of motion, lastly a quick blow dry with hardly any fuss and presto she was finished! She was so happy and she could not believe the difference in her hair. Now it was my turn, my hair especially in the summer gets very frizzy and dry; I have tried everything out there for my hair with no success! Anthony explained that commercial hair products are made different to professional hair products, commercial shampoos and made of mild detergent and the conditioners are based on petroleum oil. Where Professional hair products are pure and natural and give back to the hair, he also went on to say that we should all wash our hair every day and condition our hair the same. Anthony explained that at all times our hair has to have at least 8% moisture in it the same as our skin, we should treat our hair the same way as we treat our skin, by moisturizing it every day which made a lot of sense to me, since the last stylist told me not to wash my hair every day because in her mind it would dry it out, Anthony explained to me that yes using some drug store products would dry your hair out if washed daily.


After we went through the ten rules he took me to the shampoo area and treated me to the best shampoo and conditioning my hair had had ever, while shampooing he explained to me what I should do in the morning in the shower, again he stressed no over the counter hair products, that's why my hair is dry and frizzy, after shampooing and before conditioning towel blot the hair because the hair is porous like a sponge, putting any conditioner on one's hair when it is full of water will not go into the hair itself, so blot it first then apply the product and leave it in while you are washing yourself, then before you leave the shower rinse and count up to 10 slowly and stop, just rinse the excess of no more. After he explained to me the how's & why's I understood, he is like a hair doctor, if we listen and do what he says it works! Anthony has his own line of products and everything he used on me was his and believe me the stuff works. The cut he gave me was wonderful; I walked out a new woman and so did Pam, no more frizzes! Oh buy the way he use a great product before he dried my hair called "POTION" it is a gel with a lot of healing features with body, fabulous I bought a bottle. Anyway our cuts cost us $40 each, best money we ever spent and yes we are defiantly going back, he is a true professional. Well worth a visit, Anthony's Salon is on the beach road in Orange Beach; there phone number is 251-974-1514. Please say we sent you!