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One Step Color

Anthony -- From $50

Master Stylist -- From $40

Highlights or Lowlights

Anthony -- From $95

Master Stylist -- From $75

Keratin Relaxer Treatment

Anthony -- From $100

Master Stylist -- From $80


All hair color prices are dependent upon hair length and do not include Styling or Cutting services

Other services are available

Women's Styling

Anthony -- $50

Master Stylist -- $40

Men' Hair

Anthony -- $40

Master Stylist -- $25

Blow Dry

$25 -- $30

Kids Cuts

From -- $10


All cutting includes consultation Shampoo, Conditioning, and Finishing

One of the largest cities in Baldwin County with over sixteen thousand people, Fairhope seems like an ordinary Southern town until you look at its beginnings. Henry George was a 19th century economist who advocated for workers' rights and a single land tax. In 1894, a group of his followers founded Fairhope as a colony that would enact George's ideals of "cooperative individualism".